Welcome to An All 80s Weekend.

Hi everyone. I would consider some of the music that was around in the 1980’s to be some of the finest I’ve ever heard. It was the best decade for music in my humble opinion. Weekends in the 1980’s were also so much fun. Friday night meant no homework, having Chips for tea, staying up late and lying in bed on a Saturday as late as I wanted.

This Friday, at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM in the East of America, on www.the-bell.net,, I would like to Welcome you to a weekend 1980’s style with music and memories from this great time. What do you remember most about this wonderful decade? What did a weekend mean for you and what tunes were you listening too? I’d love to hear about it all. Were you even around in the 1980’s? and if not, do you listen to any of this great music that is still played all day every day on some Radio Stations.

Contacting the show to request your favourite tune of the 1980’s and to share any stories or things you did at weekends is very easy, and I’d love to hear from you. You can:
Email, briand@the-bell.net or tweet @daltobr

Why not join me, Briand D to remember the music and memories of a decade that will live for ever, only on the Bell, the sound of good Radio.