The Return Of Welcome To The Weekend.

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that Welcome To The Weekend will be returning to the airwaves on Friday the 10th of April, at it’s usual time of 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM Eastern. It will still be 2 hours of up beat feel good music, mixed with a large helping of friendly banter to set you up for the weekend ahead.

Closing the Bell

Hi everybody.

It was around this time last year that Brian Hartgen and I decided to launch the Bell to carry Welcome to the Weekend and the Music Machine. We were quickly approached by Anne Cosgrove as she was looking for a home for the Zone, which we were both very happy to carry. All 3 shows got an excellent reception from the word go, and the Bell grew from that point on.

Golden Years with Brian Hartgen Celebrates 1980!

Hi everyone

Tomorrow it will be time for another edition of Golden Years, 7 PM UK, 3 PM Eastern,

This week we’re going back to 1980, as usual with news clips, movie summaries and the music. We’ll also hear news events and audio material reflecting them.

This was the year Adam and the Ants were in the charts, the Police were so lonely, John Lennon sadly died, and “the lady was not for turning”. There were many significant sporting events too which we will focus upon.

Welcome To A Long Weekend.

Hi everyone. Whether it’s a long weekend for you, in your part of the world, or just a two day regular one, I’d love to kick it off with you on Friday next at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 3 PM on the East Coast of America (with the time change) on

It's that time again. A timely message about what's on The Mosen Explosion this time. #MosenOnAir

Oh boy! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! It's one of my two least favourite times of the year, when all the clocks start to move in different directions.

Golden Years Celebrates 1978!

Hi to everyone

This week on Saturday, 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, I will present Golden Years, looking at 1978.

There was a lot of great music during this year, and I’ll be playing some of the most popular songs together with some more obscure ones which did make the chart but which you may have forgotten about. I’ll tell you the background to some of them too, such as why they were written.

This week we also have plenty of audio archive material recalling the news events, movies and TV of the year.

Welcome to An All 80s Weekend.

Hi everyone. I would consider some of the music that was around in the 1980’s to be some of the finest I’ve ever heard. It was the best decade for music in my humble opinion. Weekends in the 1980’s were also so much fun. Friday night meant no homework, having Chips for tea, staying up late and lying in bed on a Saturday as late as I wanted.

Fill that Little Brown Jug and get in the mood for another Mosen Explosion on The Bell. #MosenOnAir

Just as you thought quality radio was safe, we're back again to lower the tone with another Mosen Explosion!
And what an incredibly action-packed day in history 1 march happens to be. Our featured artist this week is Glen Miller, born on this day in 1904. We'll be playing some great Miller tunes.
There are plenty of other musical anniversaries we'll celebrate, including the release of Dark Side of the Moon, now that is one amazing album I tell you!

Saying Goodbye to Someone Special.

Hi Everyone.

When Brian Hartgen and I began this project almost a year ago now, it was just the two of us. Very quickly, we were contacted by Anne Cosgrave who had a strong desire to be involved. I hadn’t heard Anne broadcast before but she had an excellent reputation behind her. On hearing a demo show from her, Both Brian and I snapped her up.

Welcome To Friday.

Hi everyone. As we bring yet another working week to a close, I’d love it if you could join me, Brian D, this Friday at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM eastern on, as I look forward to offering you a very warm Welcome To The Weekend. On this final weekend of February, I will have a stack of upbeat feel good music, along with the best in friendly banter, live from Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland, to wipe away the stress of your busy week.

All the usual features will be here for you to enjoy.


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