Our documentaries are extremely popular. You can hear them all again on this page! Each programme is either two or three hours in length and you will hear lots of information about the subject together with the music where appropriate.

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When the required page is loaded, if the programme does not start playing automatically, please press the Space Bar when you are not focused upon a Link. Note that you may have to use your screen-reader's bypass key first before pressing the Space Bar. Using JAWS for example, this is Insert+3, then Space Bar, with NVDA, it is the NVDA Key+F2 then Space Bar. This can also be used to pause the audio playback.

The volume level can be adjusted by pressing the Less Than (shift+comma), and the Greater Than (Shift+Full-Stop or Period) keys. Again, your screen-reader's Allow Through key may need to be used first.

Documentaries from 2012 Through to 2014

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