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Hi and welcome to The Bell! Thank you for stopping by!

Are you interested in listening to thoroughly researched and high quality radio shows hosted by people who know their music? If so, you've come to the right place. Welcome to The Bell, Calling Clearly Across the Miles!

The Bell brings to you fun and informative radio, the way it was meant to be. We've got it all: oldies, top 40, song requests, country, acapella, friendly chat and good conversation!

Want to hear a song when a live show is on the air? No problem. We're bound to have it. Simply contact the presenter and enjoy!

Shows produced by The Bell can be heard directly from this website using our "Listen" page. When live shows are not broadcast, enjoy great music from the eighties through to today, together with country and love songs. Special events for christmas are on there way!

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We are listed in radio directories and apps, making us a snap to find and hear, including:

What if I miss a show?

Shows from The Bell can be heard on Mixcloud

From each presenter's show page, select the link relating to the programme you want to listen to and the show will immediately begin playing. It's that simple! You can also Download the Mixcloud app for your Apple or Android device.

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