You're in the Zone!

Do you like to relax on a Friday evening after a long week of work? Would you be more of a party animal and prefer to dance the night away into the wee small hours of the morning? Whatever way you like to spend your Friday evenings, The Zone is definitely a show that will suit you all.

About Me

I'm Anne Cosgrove, (Anne With An E), presenter of "The Zone" which you can hear most Friday's at 9 pm UK, 4 pm eastern.

I have always had an interest in radio and recently was privileged to be a part of an internet radio project. I enjoy broadcasting so much and I just know we'll all have a lot of fun here! I enjoy a wide range of music but I must stress that I am the Number One Phil Collins fan! I enjoy reading, watching the soaps on TV and spending time with my son.

About the Show

The show comes to you from Lisburn, Northern Ireland, "The Zone" is a three hour show jam packed with great music from the 70's right through to the music of today! It is fun and you can be sure to hear plenty of chat too. The features you can expect to hear in "The Zone" are:

  • Music Madness competition, there are five multiple choice music related questions throughout the show.
  • Guess the Year competition, this speaks for itself, I play two songs back-to-back and all you have to do, is tell me what year they were in the charts.
  • The Wheel of Fortune, I will ask you to pick a certain song, eg, the worst song ever, the computer will whiz the wheel and pick a song to play. If it's the song you have picked, you will earn yourself a point!
  • The Love Zone, where you can hear a few gorgeous love songs to wind down to the end of the show.

All these competitions are just for fun but who knows, some weeks I may feel generous and give a small prize away. You really must try and get as many points as possible because the winner gets to end the show with a song of their choice.

There is nothing I like more than to play the songs that you, the listeners want to hear, if I've got it, I will certainly play it for you!

Contacting The Show

There are a few different ways you can contact me:

  • Email
  • Twitter: @irish_2009. There is always a lot of interaction on Twitter and I would love you to be a part of it.

I would really love you to be a part of "The Zone", it's certainly a lot of fun!

Anne Cosgrove